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Organic Product of the Year

Runner-up: Rejuvenating Moisturiser by Miessence

Other Nominees:

Organic Curry Simmer Sauces by Ozganics
Laundry Liquid by Happi Earth
Organic Snail and Slug Killer by Organic Crop Protectants
Organic Chicken Strips by Inglewood Organic
Organic Australian Raw Honey by Honest To Goodness
True Earth Malbec Shiraz by Tamburlaine Organic Wines
Organic Coarse Layer by Country Heritage Feeds
Bio Dynamic Red Grape Juice by Robinvale Wines
Organic Pasta Sauce (Basilico) by Aurelio
Vanilla Bean Coconut Yogurt by COYO
Organic Green Olives (Lemon Pepper) by Aurelio
Organic Brown rice crackers with Chia by Ceres Organics
Probiotic Foods for Women by Probiotic Foods
Organic Hemp by Kindred Organics
Organic Quinoa by Kindred Organics
Organic Shiraz by Twisted Sticks
Organic Superfood by The Healthy Chef
Organic Seaweed (5g size) by Ceres Organics
Organic Cashew Butter by Spiral Foods
Organic Brown Rice Cakes by Ceres Organics
Organic Seaweed (Multi-Pack) by Ceres Organics
Vanilla Bean Coconut Ice Cream by COYO
Honey Nut Toasted Muesli by Murray River Organics
Matcha Tea by The Healthy Chef
Almond and Sultana Mylk Chocolate by Murray River Organics
Agave Syrup by Murray River Organics
Organic Young Jack Fruit by Ceres Organics
Turmeric Latte by The Healthy Chef
Organic Pea Protein by The Healthy Chef


Organic Specialist

Runner-up: Ozganics (NSW)

Other Nominees:

Bodhi Organic Tea (NSW)

Organic Retail Outlet

Runner-up: Blue Mountains Food Co-op (NSW)

Organic Online Store

Runner-up: Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Other Nominees:

Organic Merchant
Happi Earth
Probiotic Foods

Organic Wholesaler

Runner-up: Honest To Goodness

Other Nominees:

Organic Merchant
Probiotic Foods
Spiral Foods

Sustainable Organic Organisation

Runner-up: Happi Earth

Other nominees: COYO

Sustainable Farmer of the Year

Runner-up: Kindred Organics (TAS)

Favourite Organic Brand

Runner-up: Miessence

Other nominees:

Inglewood Organic
Tamburlaine Organic Wines
Honest To Goodness
Happi Earth
Robinvale Wines
Country Heritage Feeds
Probiotic Foods
Spiral Foods
Organic Merchant
Ceres Organics
Twisted Sticks


Previously known as the National Organic Week Awards, the Organic Consumers Choice Awards (OCCA’s) have been promoting and rewarding the best organic stakeholders around Australia since 2009.

Consumer choice is what drives organic sales and this is why the OCCA’s are a great opportunity for businesses involved to reach out to their customers. By encouraging participation in voting, companies raise awareness of their products, services and brands. This supports customer loyalty, supporting the purchase of organic products for all participants.

If you have any questions regarding the OCCA’s, please contact us on 1300 88 55 66 or info@core.asn.au.

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