OCCA’s Winners 2019













Organic Product of the Year

Runner-up: Organic Vitamin Tea by Eloments

Other Nominees:

Strong Expresso Blend by Bun Coffee
Organic Cows Milk by Organic Milk Group
Eco Seaweed by Organic Crop Protectants
Organic Chicken Schnitzel by Inglewood Organic
Organic Vegetable Stock by Urban Forager
Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons by TOM Organic
Organic Seaweed Chilli Snack by Ceres Organics
Organic Beef Lasagne by Cleaver’s Organic
Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot by Temple Bruer Wines
Soothing Hand Cream by Zk’in Organics
100% Australian Organic Soup Range by Australian Organic Food Co.
Eye Compost by ECO by Sonya Driver
Super Fruit Toner by ECO by Sonya Driver
Organic Turkey Dog Food by Urth

Organic Specialist

Runner-up: Temple Bruer Wines (SA)

Organic Retail Outlet

Runner-up: Central Organic

Organic Online Store

Runner-up: Nature’s Child

Other Nominees:

Temple Bruer Wines
Munch Crunch Organics

Organic Wholesaler

Runner-up: Bun Coffee

Sustainable Organic Organisation

Runner-up: Urth

Sustainable Farmer of the Year

Runner-up: Temple Bruer Wines

Favourite Organic Brand

Runner-up: Bun Coffee

Other nominees:

Inglewood Organic
Organic Crop Protectants
Cleaver’s Organic
Ceres Organic
Eco Tan
Temple Bruer Wines
Urban Forager
Australian Organic Food Co.
Munch Crunch Organics


Previously known as the National Organic Week Awards, the Organic Consumers Choice Awards (OCCA’s) have been promoting and rewarding the best organic stakeholders around Australia since 2009.

Consumer choice is what drives organic sales and this is why the OCCA’s are a great opportunity for businesses involved to reach out to their customers. By encouraging participation in voting, companies raise awareness of their products, services and brands. This supports customer loyalty, supporting the purchase of organic products for all participants.

If you have any questions regarding the OCCA’s, please contact us on 1300 88 55 66 or info@core.asn.au.

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