Conditions of Participation

These terms and conditions apply to the use of Property (The Materials) as described in Clause 1 below as it relates to the purpose and public use of The Materials and applies to events conducted by Centre for Organic Research & Education (CORE Events) including National Organic Week (NOW) .

Licensed use of The Materials is authorised for Registered Events. Registered Events are those that are approved by CORE and posted to the NOW website. Registered Events can be designated as being part of the CORE Event(s) provided due acknowledgement is given to CORE as the Host and the CORE and the Event logo is displayed on any Registered Event materials. License approval does not apply to any third parties to use of The Materials for any other purpose unless approved by CORE in writing.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights – Centre for Organic Research & Education (CORE) and nominees have intellectual property (IP) rights for National Organic Week (NOW) in Australia including in the form of name registrations, designs, symbols, terms, images used in commerce, website content, website architecture, trademarks, copyright, moral rights, peer reviewed papers, promotional materials, business structures and models, agreements, contracts, licenses, marketing plans, case studies, stakeholder engagement methods and agreements. Approvals to use any or all of this IP is at the discretion of CORE and licensing approval is mandatory prior to using any Materials. Unauthorised use of this IP without a granted license and consideration will be considered a breach of these IP rights and may result in legal action including interlocutory relief.
  2. CORE Property as detailed in Clause 1 and licensed to participants must not be used in a way that is misleading, deceptive or likely to adversely affect the reputation and/or interests of CORE or CORE Events.
  3. The Licensed Property (The Materials) must only be used for approved Registered Events in accordance with these terms and conditions and must not be used directly or indirectly in respect of any other event.
  4. The Licensee is entitled to use The Materials pursuant to this license:
    a. only if an authorised application has been completed, returned and approved;
    b. only if used for Registered Events posted to the respective CORE Events website page(s).
    c. only if authorised Materials are supplied to the participant by CORE on request and CORE is duly acknowledged.
    d. only if participation continues to satisfactorily contribute to CORE Events including in accordance with the Conditions for Use as amended from time to time;
  5. Written approval must be granted to use The Materials as part of naming rights, endorsement or otherwise for standalone events irrespective of whether or not they are Registered Events. A License variation including consideration provisions must be granted for this purpose at the absolute discretion of CORE.
  6. The Licensed property must not be used as part of the logo or corporate identity of the Licensee or any of its divisions or subsidiaries without prior approval.
  7. Where the Participant is no longer entitled to use The Materials, The Materials must not be used by the Participant and the Participant must withdraw any and all Materials relating to CORE Events unless otherwise approved by CORE in writing.
  8. The Participant shall not use The Materials as a marketing device to overcome negative publicity or connotations associated with dangerous or unhealthy practices or products, CORE may in its absolute discretion deny or withdraw permission to use The Materials in such circumstances.
  9. The license is for a term of 6 months for any individual CORE Event.
  10. The Participant may only use The Materials for the period of the Events or until termination or withdrawal of this license.
  11. The Customer agrees that CORE may in its discretion change the terms of this license from time to time.

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